08 Oct


Staff Recruitment

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The beloved sandwich shop Carrot Patch is soon turning 40 years old !
It is favorited by the locals in Hawaii’s Honolulu downtown area for serving delicious breakfast and lunch.
Why do locals continue to love and cherish us for so long?

The dishes we focus on are mainly sandwiches, salads and soups.
Sandwiched between the bread, cheese and vegetables are various other ingredients that we always assemble in infinite combinations to create sandwiches of different types and volumes.
It is the kind of charismatic food that we can combine in the healthiest possible way to best suit your mood and feeling.
In addition to this, our fresh salad bar is ever-changing. Seasonal ingredients are freshly selected each time to be displayed (in the bar) and give our customers the greatest satisfaction.
The dressing we make is our own. It serves not only to complement the vegetables beautifully, but to also create a healthy, enjoyable recipe that has been supported by many since its creation.
Our soup translates easily into a healthy food. The time taken to cook the vegetables and grains used is always considered carefully to produce the best soup possible.
We hope for the warmth of the soup to give great relief to tired customers on their break.

Since the shop’s establishment, we’ve always kept our customer’s hearts in mind, and have strived to provide the best service with consideration to each individual.
A person’s health does not remain constant. The kind of food our body desires varies day by day, and changes over time.
Therefore, we are constantly considering the most effective way to match our menu with hospitality to best respond to our customers’ wishes.
For us, the greatest pleasure is seeing customers enjoy our food.

What does great pleasure mean to you?
Surely you cannot feel fulfilled with just your own achievements.
Making others happy is one of life’s greatest gifts.
Any effort you exalt will surely be appreciated.
For us, providing our customers with the best service, and doing so with a smile, always go hand-in-hand.

Thank you very much for reading this until the end.
If you would like to smile with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.